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Welcome to Stanford Wushu

Stanford Wushu is a student organization devoted to the practice and promotion of the Chinese sport and martial art of wushu.

Wushu at Stanford

What is Wushu? Have a look around this website and take a look at our trailer to find out. You can also come to one of our classes and see for yourself.

Our training classes meet on the Stanford campus twice a week and run throughout the year. Feel free to stop by and observe or bring your sweats and actually try out a couple of classes.

Additional information about Stanford Wushu and wushu in general can be found throughout this site. We hope you find this challenging sport as fun and exciting as we do.

See you in class!

--12th Annual Collegiates--

Stanford University hosted the 12th Annual Collegiates Tournament. Check the collegiates site for details and scores.

-- Fall Quarter Schedule--

Mondays, 7-9 PM, A3C Ballroom

Mondays & Fridays, 4:30-6:30 PM, Burnham Pavilion

-- Announcements --

Wushu for Class Credit
Wushu is offered for class credit. To take Wushu for credit, sign up for ATHLETIC 181M (under T. Ghormley) for 1 unit. The class is offered for C/NC based on attendance.